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We create beautiful lacquered items for the home in vibrant, eye-catching colours reflecting the intensity of Cornish landscapes and her glittering seas.  

All our objects are unique. Each one is crafted by hand; they are imbued with care and love.

Our values are important to us. Wabisabi values craftsmanship, skill, longevity and character; and the time it takes to create our products.
We are the antithesis of identikit factory produced items. We insist on local traceability and sustainability. And we are delighted to see others beginning to value the character of imperfection over the idea of ‘perfect’ - it’s often our flaws that make each of us, and our objects, beautifully unique.




Why Wabisabi? This venerated, ancient Japanese philosophy and aesthetic promotes the beauty of accepting transience and imperfection: in life, in ourselves, in objects around us.  

Perfectly imperfect, therein lies the beauty.

Our exquisite trays in sparkling, original colours will each become a vintage treasure over the fullness of time.  As they age, they will tell their story in the patina as the lacquer polish matures. Every abrasion, mark and flaw reflecting the journey.  

Every scar shows we have lived; makes us who we are; giving us and the objects we love, character and interest.

After all, there is no charm in perfection, but there is honesty in our flaws.

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