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An ancient love knot sitting in a serene turquoise pool, it almost makes you want to reach out and touch it.


Bento Collection


The Bento has proven to be very popular. This collection showcases two contrasting or complimentary colours on the interior and exterior or the tray. These elegant lacquered trays are real statement pieces.

Choose from an exterior of Licorice, Graphite, Teal, Aubergine, Scarlet, Grass, Cactus or Burnt Orange.

Choose to keep it stylish and minimal or go personal and add details in gold.



The items in the Bento Collection are available in two sizes:

  • Large: 60x40 cm 

  • Medium: 40x30 cm


The Bento is not just a tray in eye-catching colours, it is a show stopping piece for your home that is made to last, or a fabulous gift for the one you love that is timeless.

Bento - olive / turquoise with reef knott

SKU: BE-005
PriceFrom £330.00
  • We firmly believe in taking time and making your trays with passion and real care and as such they are made to last and aren’t made overnight. In order to create the Wabi Sabi Lacquer look the trays are painted, sanded, lacquered and polished over and over and over.  The process itself takes time and patience and then the lacquer must be allowed to cure and harden for a good few weeks. On average each tray takes 6-8 weeks to make, and in busy times may take longer. It is advisable to make us aware of any deadlines when placing your order and we will do our utmost to have it done in time.